A Friendly Guide to Big O

Not every tech company will ask you questions related to Big O when interviewing, but it is one of the concepts that you need to know if you want to work at a place like Amazon or Facebook. The textbook definition of Big O is absolutely terrifying to someone without a deep understanding of math. Let T(n) = the number of operations performed in an algorithm as a function of n.

Three things you must keep in mind before a technical interview

We all have to pass the dreaded technical interview to even have a shot at a job offer from our desired employer unless of course you’re acqui-hired by the company you’ve always dreamed of working for. Unless you’re in that 1%, it doesn’t matter if you’re self-taught, just graduated with a cs degree, recently completed a boot camp or are checking-in with the job market after a few years of gainful employment, we all have to pass the technical interview to get a job.

What is strict mode and should you enable it when writing JavaScript?

A few of our users at Daily JavaScript have emailed me asking if they should enable strict mode when writing the solution to the daily javascript coding challenges. I decided to write a post to clarify to all our users what strict mode is and if there is any benefits to enabling it when writing their coding solutions. TL;DR JavaScript lets you declare ‘strict mode’ in your JavaScript files to remove some of the flexibility innate in the JavaScript language prior to ES5.